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George Baxt: A Queer Kind of Umbrella

A Queer Kind of Umbrella From the Publisher:
On a foggy New York night the Green Empress is anchored off the beach at Far Rockaway, waiting to unload its cargo - a cargo nowhere near as exotic as the vessel's regal name suggests. The Empress has 300 aliens crammed into her belly - all are victims of the Asian slave trade, and all are paying very handsome fees for these "luxurious" accommodations to Kao Lee, Chinatown's notorious crime lord and leader of the feared Chi Who gang.

But Kao's worried because his astrologer has cautioned him that Jupiter is on the rise, that danger is on its way and will come with the water. What Kao Lee doesn't know is that trouble's already on board and it goes by the name Pharoah Love. Gay, black, and always proud, with his earring and ponytail, Pharoah Love is unlike any other New York City homicide detective - past, present, and, probably, future.

Now it's Love versus Lee, and things don't look good for the sassy detective. His boss, Lieutenant Lombardo, suspects that one of his men is in Kao's pocket. Pharoah's best snitch has been killed with a deadly Oriental poison, and his only clue is a very queer kind of umbrella indeed. But the stars say that Kao's days are numbered, and Pharoah is the worthy adversary who plans to fulfill this prophecy.

George Baxt: A Queer Kind of Umbrella. A Pharoah Love Mystery. Simon & Schuster, ISBN: 068481496X (August, 1995), 293 p., $21.00


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