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Lawrence Block: Telling Lies for Fun & Profit

Telling Lies for Fun & Profit From the Publisher:

"I would urge other writers, at whatever point in their careers, to take the time to read this indispensable handbook... Telling Lies for Fun & Profit should be a permanent part of every writer's library." - From the Introduction by Sue Grafton

Characters refusing to talk? Plot plodding along? Where do good ideas come from anyway? In this wonderfully practical volume, two-time Edgar Award-winning novelist Lawrence Block takes an inside look at writing as a craft and as a career.

From studying the market, to mastering self-discipline and "creative procrastination," through coping with rejections, Telling Lies for Fun & Profit is an invaluable sourcebook of information. It is a must read for anyone serious about writing or understanding how the process works.

"Lawrence Block is a writer's best friend. He is wise, he is funny, and, to tell the truth, he is damn helpful. When best friends and mothers fail, read this book." - Martin Cruz Smith

Lawrence Block: Telling Lies for Fun & Profit. Quill (Harper), ISBN: 0688132286 (February, 1994), 256 p., $13.00



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