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Lawrence Block (ed.): Death Cruise

Death Cruise From the Publisher:
Can there be a better, more romantic setting for a crime story than a ship on the open sea? Step onto any vessel - even an inter-island ferry - and you experience an aura of romance, adventure, and mystery. All the stories contained in Death Cruise are set aboard cruise ships. Written by members of the International Association of Crime Writers, a global fraternity of mystery writers, these compelling stories come from many nations, including England, Belgium, Denmark, Cuba, Brazil, America, Germany, Spain and France. This global line-up includes: "Problem at Sea" by Agatha Christie; "Nine Points for Murder" by Nancy Pickard; "Hodegetria" by Jeremiah Healy; "Under My Skin" by Chris Rippen; "S.O.S." by John Lutz; "Honeymoon Cruise" by Richard Deming; "Rhine Ablaze" by Jacques Toes; "The Merry Ghosts of the Grampus" by Arnaldo Correa; "Lost and Found" by Benjamin Schutz; "The Wind & Mary" by Piet Teigeler; "The Theft of the Bingo Card" by Edward D. Hoch; "Mutiny of the Bounty Hunter" by Ralph Mclnerny; "The Mermaid" by Jacob Vis; "Chess on Board" by Erik Amdrup; "A Cruise to Forget" by Barbara Collins and Max Allan Collins; "Havanightmare" by Jose Latour; "Miscalculation" by Jan Burke; "The Deep Blue Sea" by Ina Bouman; "Rumpole at Sea" by John Mortimer; "The Time of His Life" by Carolyn Wheat Bon Voyage! And be sure to take a good mystery with you.

Lawrence Block (ed.): Death Cruise. Cumberland House Publishing, ISBN: 1581821468 (June, 2001), 408 p., $16.95



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