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Lawrence Block (ed.): Speaking of Greed

Speaking of Greed From the Publisher:
The second volume in the Seven Deadly Sins Series, Speaking of Greed is a collection of short stories on the destructive deadly sin known as greed. In addition to being the title of this anthology, "Speaking of Greed" is also the title of Lawrence Block's original novella that leads off this unique collection.
   "My task as an anthologist in this series," Block writes in the introduction, "is threefold: first, I have to pick the stories; then I have to write a longish novella with my four series characters, whom we know only as the priest, the doctor, the soldier, and the policeman; finally, I have to hammer out an introduction."
   The stories Block has chosen are delightful. His novella delivers what he promises. And the introduction is a heads-up plea for authors to ensure that their work will continue to be read after they are no longer around to write any more. Included in this stellar anthology are the following stories and authors:

"Speaking of Greed" by Lawrence Block - "The Word" by F. Paul Wilson - "Hitler, Elvis, and Me" by Doug Allyn - "One Hit Wonder" by Gabrielle Kraft - "The $5,000 Getaway" by Jack Ritchie - "Rotten to the Core" by Jeremiah Healy - "Front Man" by David Morrell - "Water's Edge" by Robert Bloch - "A Taste of Paradise" by Bill Pronzini - "Bits" by Mat Coward - "Come Down from the Hills" by John F. Suter - "The Wrong Hands" by Peter Robinson - "The High Cost of Living" by Dorothy Cannell - "My Heart Cries for You" by Bill Crider - "Inside Job" by Ed Gorman - "Deadly Fantasies" by Marcia Muller - "Death Scene" by Helen Nielsen - "Good-bye, Sue Ellen" by Gillian Roberts - "Death and Diamonds" by Sue Dunlap - "A Ticket Out" by Brendan DuBois

Lawrence Block (ed.): Speaking of Greed. Stories of Envious Desire. Cumberland House Publishing, ISBN: 1581822219 (August, 2001), 368 p., $24.95



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