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Lawrence Block: The Thief Who Couldn't Sleep

The Thief Who Couldn't Sleep From the Publisher:
The first in a new series of Lawrence Block titles featuring Evan Michael Tanner. He is 34 years old and hasn't slept a wink since a piece of shrapnel destroyed the sleep centre in his brain during the Korean War. Tanner loves lost causes and beautiful women. The FBI has a thick file on him; the CIA taps his phone and a super-secret intelligence agency wants him to be their man!

He never intended to be a spy... anymore than he planned to lead a revolution in Macedonia or land up in a Turkish jail. But those kinds of things just seemed to happen when Tanner was around - particularly when there were 573 pounds of pure gold waiting to be found and a beautiful blonde counting on him to gain freedom for her native land...

Lawrence Block: The Thief Who Couldn't Sleep. No Exit Press, ISBN: 1874061548 (April, 1996), 208 p., £4.99.


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