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Anthony Bruno: Devil's Food

Devil's Food From the Publisher
Loretta Kovacs' last chance for a career in law enforcement is with the Jump Squad, otherwise known as the New Jersey State Parole Violators Search Unit. Her new partner is Frank Marvelli, a veteran of the Jump Squad and a tough guy from Jersey who doesn't have time to teach a rookie the ropes. Their first fugitive is Martha Lee Spooner, a habitual parole violator and legendary embezzler who's jumped bail and headed south for Florida. Spooner is up to her old tricks, planning to skim half a million from a posh health spa that's part of the WeightAway weight-loss empire. And somehow she manages to stay one step ahead of Loretta and Frank all the way, transforming what should have been an easy collar into a wild roller-coaster chase down the eastern seaboard. As their frustration builds, Loretta and Frank soon realize that their careers are on the line and time is running out fast. But they vow that if it's the last thing they do, they are going to reel in the slippery Spooner.

Anthony Bruno: Devil's Food. Forge, ISBN: 0812544579 (July, 1998), 256 p., $5.99


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