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Colin Dexter: Morse's Greatest Mystery and other Stories

Morse's Greatest Mystery and other Stories From the Publisher:
In short mysteries so brilliantly plotted they'll confound the cleverest of souls, Inspector Morse remains as patient as a cat at a mouse hole in the face of even the most resourceful evildoers. Muldoon, for instance, the one-legged bomber with one fatal weakness... the quartet of lovers whose bizarre entanglements Morse deciphers only after a beautiful woman is murdered... and those artful dodgers who catch the cunning and very respectful Morse with his pants down. There are mysteries featuring new characters and some familiar ones, including the great Sherlock Holmes, and a royal flush of American crooks.

"BRILLIANT... Inspector Morse is back, and more than welcome." Houston Chronicle

Colin Dexter: Morse's Greatest Mystery and other Stories. Ivy Books, ISBN: 0804113092 (November, 1996), 295 p., $6.99.



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