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Joy Fielding: Kiss Mommy Goodbye

Kiss Mommy Goodbye From the Publisher:
Those goodbye kisses Donna received from her children when ex-husband Victor picked them up for their day's outing with him were for all time... forever. Only Donna did not know that, and the memory of her children's kisses on the day they disappeared came back to haunt her. For Victor did not return. Instead, this handsome, twisted man, who had destroyed their marriage and almost destroyed Donna's sanity, vanished with her little boy and girl. And Donna was left with a lover whose love was no longer enough... a new life that had suddenly turned agonizingly empty... and a terror-filled quest to find her children that would take her across the country and beyond the law...

Joy Fielding: Kiss Mommy Goodbye. Signet Books, ISBN: 0451155068 (September, 1993), 316 p., $6.99



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