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Kinky Friedman: Steppin' on a Rainbow

Steppin' on a Rainbow From the Publisher:
With nothing to do and no one to bother, ne'er-do-well private dick and man-about-town Kinky Friedman ponders life and discusses world affairs with his equally bored cat. His reverie is short-lived, however, when he gets the news that stalwart Village Irregular Mike McGovern has disappeared while visiting Hawaii. Knowing McGovern's penchant for inebriated side trips, Kinky isn't too concerned - until a few days turn into several weeks.

Worried about their pal, Kinky and his motley crew of comrades head to Hawaii to look into McGovern's disappearance - and find themselves caught in a big kahuna of a mystery chock-full of ancient myths, sacrificial cults, totems, taboos, native drinking practicesSand, if they're lucky, the occasional lei.

Kinky Friedman: Steppin' on a Rainbow. Pocket Books, ISBN: 0671047442 (September, 2002), 224 p., $6.99



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