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A Case of Lone Star

Kinky Friedman: A Case of Lone Star (UK 1998)

From the Publisher:
The legendary Lone Star Café. A raucous little corner of Texas right in the heart of Manhattan, where every great country music star stops for a gig. At one time or another, everyone from the Rolling Stones to the Blues Brothers has jammed there.

But this night, Thanksgiving, is a different kind of jam. Larry Barkins of the headlining Barkin Brothers is found dead in his dressing-room, his head bashed in with his own guitar and a two-dollar bill stuffed in his shirt pocket. It's Kinky they call for help, but the fast-talking, cigar-smoking, cat-loving sleuth is disinclined to ruffle his tranquility.

Then the manager of the Lone Star arrives at 199B Vandam with a strange piece of mail addressed to Barkin - the lyrics to 'Hey, Good Lookin' - and Kinky is intrigued. As other Lone Star performers are murdered by a killer who leaves clues from the songs of Hank Williams, Kinky finds it impossible to stay out of the spotlight.

Kinky Friedman: A Case of Lone Star. Faber and Faber, ISBN: 0571194125 (February, 1998), 166 p., £5.99.






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