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Carolina Garcia-Aguilera: A Miracle in Paradise

A Miracle in Paradise From the Publisher:
Spirituality has never been Lupe Solano's strong suit. But the recently transplanted Order of the Illumination of the Sacred Virgin is predicting that, on October tenth, the blessed icon at the Shrine of the Cuban Virgin will shed real tears. It is a date that holds great significance for Miami's Cuban-Americans. And the miraculous event -- if it indeed occurs -- will certainly rock the community, the nation, and the world.

Hired by an apprehensive Mother Superior, Lupe sets out to either substantiate the verity of the upcoming phenomenon or to expose a brazen hoax and its mastermind. But as the date of the anticipated wondrous event draws closer, Lupe's hunt for the truth suddenly becomes a search for a killer. For there is a dark secret being protected behind a convent's fortress-like walls. And more will die before the blessed Virgin weeps, unless one skeptical sleuth-for-hire can unveil an evil that may be taking refuge in the most sacred of places.

Carolina Garcia-Aguilera: A Miracle in Paradise. A Lupe Solano Mystery. Avon, ISBN: 0380807386 (August, 2000), 344 p., $5.99.


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