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Jack Higgins: Midnight Runner

Midnight Runner From the Publisher:
At the end of Edge of Danger, the murderous Rashid family had been forced to pay the ultimate price for their crimes by Sean Dillon and his undercover team. Yet one member of the ruthless, oil-rich family had been allowed to remain alive, and that may have been Dillon's fatal mistake.

Kate Rashid witnessed her brothers being killed one by one, and now she has sworn vengeance. Never mind that they tried to assassinate the President of the United States, that villainy ran in their veins. They were her brothers, and her enemies would pay. Sean Dillon, White House operative Blake Johnson, the U.S. President himself... their time was coming, and only she knew how - or when.

Jack Higgins: Midnight Runner. Berkley Publishing Group, ISBN: 0425189414 (April, 2003), 304 p., $7.99



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