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Stuart Kaminsky: The Big Silence

The Big Silence From the Publisher:
The Big Silence takes Lieberman and his Irish partner, Bill Hanrahan - the Rabbi and the Priest, as they are known on the streets - on a journey that will test their consciences to the limit. When the young son of an informant in the government's witness protection program is kidnapped and a grisly death occurs, they will have to make some hard choices to set things right. And Lieberman may have to bend the rules to help his partner, whose time has come to face the demons that have been dogging his steps for too many years.

Told with compassion and with keen insight into the human psyche, The Big Silence is a gritty, compelling mystery by one of the genre's best-loved authors.

Der Text bezieht sich auf die Hardcover-Ausgabe.

Stuart Kaminsky: The Big Silence. An Abe Lieberman Mystery. Forge , ISBN: 0812575199 (November, 2001), 272 p., $6.99



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