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Devil on My Doorstep

Stuart M. Kaminsky: Devil on My Doorstep (USA 2001)

From the Publisher:
Jim Rockford is in one hell of a mess -- the credit companies are after his stuff, his buddy Angel has cooked up another scheme that is a sure thing (sure enough to get them both killed), and he's way behind on everything. When a beautiful young girl shows up at his door claiming to be the daughter of an old flame, he's dubious. When she claims that she's his daughter, all the bells go off. She's on the run, sacred, and tell Jim that she thinks someone has killed her mother... and that someone is her stepfather.

Whatever the outcome, Jim will do what it takes to find the truth, no matter how painful it may be. And he'll even try not get killed in the process.

Stuart M. Kaminsky: Devil on My Doorstep. The Rockford Files. Forge; ISBN: 0812571061 (May, 2001), 304 p., $6.99.






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