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The Green Bottle

Stuart M. Kaminsky: The Green Bottle (USA 1999)

From the Publisher:
When trouble comes, you can usually find Jim Rockford in the middle of it.... And this time is no exception. Rockford is expecting a quiet day of lazing around the beach and evading the bill collectors; sure, he gets $200 a day, but there haven't been too many days of work coming his way. Lucky for him, he's just found a missing green bottle for a rich - and very grateful - client. That's taken care of last month's bills. Today he's going to get lucky enough to take care of next month's bills, too, when an eccentric old lady shows up with a sob story about a lost cat - and with a big expense check in advance. Or lucky is how it's going to look, for a little while. Then Rockford's going to find out about the stolen property, and the beautiful woman who's disappeared into the dangerous glitter of Hollywood, and the Pulp Fiction look-alikes who want to rearrange his anatomy. And then he's going to find out that the case of the green bottle wasn't quite as simple as it looked...

Just another day in the lives of a pair of Chicago's most amiably odd detective team...

Stuart M. Kaminsky: The Green Bottle. The Rockford Files. Forge; ISBN: 0812571053 (April, 1999), 320 p., $5.99.






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