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Philip Kerr: Gridiron

Gridiron From the Publisher:
Los Angeles, 1988. Ray Richardson, a brilliant architechnologist, has created a dazzling new building. 'The Gridiron', in the heart of L.A. The Gridiron represents the state-of-the-art in smart buildings: every aspect of the building, from temperature control to security, is controlled by an intricate computersystem. On the eve of the building's official opening, a team gathers to put the finishing touches to Ray's new masterpiece. But there are a couple of unexplained deaths, which the team at first puts down to saboteurs. It is only when they discover how bizarre these deaths are that they realise the building - through its computer - is controlling them, and is set to destroy its creators.

Philip Kerr: Gridiron. Vintage; ISBN: 0099594315 (June, 1996); 384 p., £7.99



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