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John Lutz: Frenzy (USA 2014)

From the Publisher:
Pretty Maids All In A Row
Six dead women in a hotel room. Five of them students, still in their teens. Tied up. Tortured. The NYPD recognizes the suspect's signature -- three bloody initials carved into each victim's forehead. Ex-cop Frank Quinn has faced this madman before. Both bear scars from their last encounter. Killer and cop, hunter and prey... In a deadly game of matched wits, only one can prevail. It's not just about who gets killed. It's about who will survive...

John Lutz: Frenzy. Killing is just part of the thrill... A Frank Quinn Novel. Pinnacle Books, ISBN: 9780786028306 (September, 2014), 550 p., $9.99, eBook $7.99.






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