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Lee Martin: Genealogy of Murder

Genealogy of Murder From the Publisher:
When it comes to murder, mothering, and missing persons, Detective Deb Ralston is the woman for the job. In this, her twelfth case, Deb is called in to untangle a case of mistaken identity - or is it? First, an extra body is discovered among other cadavers that make up an ongoing forensics experiment. Then, Marvin Tutwiler, a local genealogist, turns up missing. Is the body his? If not, then whose is it? And where is the genealogist? Before Deb can figure out this mess, Matilda Greenwood, her close friend and researcher for the missing Marvin Tutwiler, disappears herself. Tracing Matilda and Marvin's work only confuses the issue: it seems that Marvin has racked up quite a number of unhappy ex-wives, ex-fiancees, and ex-girlfriends. Could one of them have been involved? It promises to take all of Deb's famous courage in the face of a crisis, her detecting instincts, and the help of her husband, Harry, to find her friend before it's too late.

Lee Martin: Genealogy of Murder. Harlequin Books; ISBN: 0373262396 (May, 1997), $4.99


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