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Anne Wingate: Amateur Detectives

Amateur Detectives From the Publisher:
Let Amateur Detectives help you write an exciting chase. Here you'll find the information you need to keep your amateur-crime-solver novels and stories factually accurate, completely convincing. Open this book and investigate why high-tech policing hasn't run off the low-tech amateur; jobs that fit neatly with amateur sleuthing; intuition, gossip and other information-gathering methods; how to find out all about anyone; how the Internet can speed your sleuth to answers; how today's technological wonders can help your detective; the law as it applies to amateur detectives; gun laws, state by state; citizens' arrest powers, state by state; the Freedom of Information Act; and how real amateurs solved real crimes.

Anne Wingate: Amateur Detectives. A Writer's Guide to how Private Citizens Solve Criminal Cases. F & W Publications; ISBN: 089879725X (October, 1996), 240 p., $16.99


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