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Ed McBain: Rumplestiltskin

Rumplestiltskin From the Publisher:
First she wore Matthew Hope out, then she begged him to stay. When finally he pried himself out of her bed, the former rock star said, "You'll be sorry." And so he was -- when Vicky Miller was found murdered in her home the next day, her six-year-old daughter gone. Now Hope had both a professional and personal interest in cracking a case that will stretch from Calusa, Florida, to New Orleans. The personal reasons were that he had been in love with the woman. The professional reasons were that she had named Matthew Hope the executor of her will, a will that left a colossal and potentially explosive trust fund to her daughter -- if a madman didn't kill her first...

Ed McBain: Rumplestiltskin. Warner Books, ISBN: 0446601306 (May, 1994), $5.00


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