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Ed McBain: Hail to the Chief

Hail to the Chief From the Publisher:
In the 87th Precinct the best cops get smarter every day. On the other side of the law, the criminals are getting more violent, more organized. And among them, one man is calling the shots...

Hail To The Chief
Six naked bodies on a cold winter night. Different races. Different sexes. One of them a baby. Above them, the red light of a patrol car turns like a disco ball. And two cops, Carella and Kling, who have seen everything, have never seen anything like this. Now their investigation will begin. But while the men of the 87th Precinct do their job, a criminal mastermind is doing his. And he is the best there is...

Ed McBain: Hail to the Chief. An 87th Precinct Mystery. Warner Books, ISBN: 0446604054 (May, 1997), 192 p., $5.99



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