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Ed McBain: Long Time No See

Long Time No See From the Publisher:
Everywhere you look there is something to see: a working man coming home, a hustler moving on to his next score, a lover turning away with tears in her eyes. In this city, a good cop has seen it all. And he wishes he could forget.

Long Time No See
They never saw their executioner. Because each victim had this in common: they were blind. Steve Carella, a weary detective very much in love with his deaf wife, is stymied in a hunt that began when a Vietnam veteran, his sight taken in war, was found with his head nearly separated from his body. But as the bizarre killing spree goes on, Carella begins to look into the first victim's dreams. And what he sees is a panorama of war, sexuality, secrets, and torment -- and one man's pure, blind rage...

Ed McBain: Long Time No See. An 87th Precinct Mystery. Warner Books, ISBN: 0446604496 (September, 1997), 304 p., $5.99



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