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Ed McBain: Fuzz

Fuzz From the Publisher:
In the 87th Precinct hardened killers cross paths with bad boys out on a lark; muggers rub shoulders with bank robbers and pickpockets. The cops know that fighting crime is a matter of priorities. Here, in FUZZ, the basis of the classic film, they take what they can get -- FUZZ

They're up against a master criminal. A man so slick that no one knows how to stop him, or who he will kill next. Now, with the murders of two prominent citizens to his credit, the infamous Deaf Man, Detective Carella's own Moriarty, is about to unveil his pihce de risistance of extortion and homicide. But the 87th Precinct cops have been out pounding the frozen streets, lying in stinking alleyways, making calls, tapping phones, wearing disguises. They deserve a break. Or at least a chance to come home alive...

Ed McBain: Fuzz. An 87th Precinct Mystery. Warner Books, ISBN: 0446609714 (December, 2000), 288 p., $6.50


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