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Ed McBain: Vespers

Vespers From the Publisher:
The priest lay on the bloodstained stones, his life drained from the wounds in his back...
In a walled garden surrounded by skyscrapers, Father Michael Birney met an unholy end, stabbed by an assailant who invaded his vespers prayers and then vanished as twilight overtook the big city. A stone's throw from the crime scene, a congregation of Satan worshipers chants its disturbing incantations -- an irony not lost on Detectives Carella and Hawes, who search among the cultists for a killer. But it will take more than a leap of faith for the cops of the 87th Precinct to expose the truth behind the deadliest -- and bloodiest -- of sins.

Ed McBain: Vespers. A Novel of the 87th Precinct. Pocket Books, ISBN: 0743470753 (October, 2004), 448 p., $7.99



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