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Walter Mosley: Black Genius

Black Genius From the Publisher:
From Spike Lee's encouragement of independent, community fundraising to Joycelyn Elders's warning about the failings of our "sick-care" system to Stanley Crouch's disputation on "heroic" versus "anarchic" individuality, Black Genius is an exceptional, unique colloquy.

Conceived by acclaimed novelist Walter Mosley and sponsored by the New York University Africana Studies Program and the Institute of African American Affairs, this book originated as a series of community conversations where "visionaries with solutions" shared powerful views on personal and communal struggles, triumphs, and aspirations.

The list of contributors suggests the range of perspectives and talents brought to bear on such issues as economics, political power, work, authority, and culture. Black Genius is a point of departure for vigorous discussion of our current realities and goals for the future-and a portrait of "genius" that leads the way to enriching American life in the twenty-first century.

Walter Mosley is the acclaimed author of the Easy Rawlins mystery series and Always Outnumbered, Always Outgunned, among many other books. Manthia Diawara is director of NYU's Africana Studies Program and Institute of African American Affairs. Clyde Taylor is a professor at NYU's Gallatin School. Regina Austin is William A. Schnader Professor of Law at the University of Pennsylvania.

Walter Mosley: Black Genius. Thirteen of black America's most eloquent voices share their visions for a self-sufficient, self-determined future. W. W. Norton, ISBN 0393319784 (April, 2000), 320 p., £9.95


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