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Walter Mosley: Futureland

Futureland From the Publisher:
A generation from now, things aren't much different from today: The drugs are better, the daily grind is worse. The world's knowledge fits on a chip in your little finger, the Constitution doesn't apply to individuals, and it's a crime to be poor. But the world still turns and folks still have to get by with the hands they're dealt, whether they're backwoods child genius Popo Bent or Fera Jones, the first female intergender heavyweight boxing champ; hardboiled, cyber-augmented private eye Folio Johnson or all-powerful tycoon/messiah Dr. Kismet. And for all its denizens, from technocrats to terrorists, celebs to crooks, FUTURELAND is a glorious All-American nightmare that's just around the corner...

Walter Mosley: Futureland. Nine Stories of an Imminent World. Warner Books, ISBN 0446610739 (November, 2002), 400 p., $7.50



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