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Walter Mosley: Bad Boy Brawly Brown

Bad Boy Brawly Brown From the Publisher:
From master storyteller Walter Mosley, author of the New York Times bestsellers Devil with a Blue Dress and Little Yellow Dog, comes the eagerly anticipated return of private eye Easy Rawlins, in a dazzling new novel of passion and justice in a time of upheaval... BAD BOY BRAWLY BROWN

Taking himself as far from crime and its consequences as a black man can in 1964 L.A., Easy Rawlins is out of the P.I. business. But trouble still finds a way to his door. An old friend asks Easy to find his stepson, Brawly Brown, a good kid gone angry and missing. Too quickly Easy finds himself riding with a revolutionary group out to save the race, dodging the police, who want to pin him for murder, and looking for the right kind of answers from the wrong kind of women. With little help from this world Easy gets it from the next, in the form of an astonishing legacy from his friend Mouse-one that may just save young Brawly's life without costing Easy his own.

Walter Mosley: Bad Boy Brawly Brown. An Easy Rawlins Mystery. Warner Books, ISBN 0446612316 (June, 2003), 320 p., $7.50



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