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Walter Mosley: Little Scarlet

Little Scarlet From the Publisher:
From the acclaimed Walter Mosley, New York Times bestselling author of »Bad Boy Brawly Brown« and »Fear Itself«, comes his most riveting and provocative Easy Rawlins novel ever-a searing story of murder and fury.

Watts is smoldering in ruins-and the cops are on Easy Rawlins's doorstep. Easy expects the worst, as usual. But, incredibly, they're asking for his help. A redheaded woman known as Little Scarlet had sheltered a man during the riots. Witnesses later saw him fleeing her building; not long after, Little Scarlet was found viciously murdered. Now, with his old friend Mouse at his side, Easy follows the case's single clue across Los Angeles. The missing man is the key, but he's only the beginning. Hidden in the heart of the city is a killer whose red-hot rage is as fierce as the fires that rocked L.A.

Walter Mosley: Little Scarlet. An Easy Rawlins Mystery. Warner Vision, ISBN 0446612715 (April, 2005), 342 p., $7.50



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