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Walter Mosley: Walkin' the Dog

Walkin' the Dog From the Publisher:
Socrates Fortlow, first introduced in Always Outnumbered, Always Outgunned, is one of the essential fictional characters of our times. In Walkin' the Dog, the philosopher with 'rock-breaking hands' has come in from the cold and, once again, has to decide the point at which an individual must take a stand against the brutality and corruption that surrounds him. Nine years after his release from prison, Socrates is still living in a two-room shack in Watts, but now with a lover and a steady job. Having responsibilities and people he cares about makes acting morally even harder - he has so much more to lose with the police watching his every move.

Walter Mosley: Walkin' the Dog. Serpent's Tail, ISBN 185242754X (November, 2002), 260 p., £7.99



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