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The Fall of Heaven

Walter Mosley: The Fall of Heaven (USA 2011)

From the Publisher:
Dramatic comedy
3m, 2f

A hip and inventive new play by Walter Mosley, best-selling author of more than 25 books and most widely known for his popular Easy Rawlins mysteries, including »Devil in a Blue Dress«. Tempest Landry, a street-wise young man living in Harlem, unexpectedly finds himself at the Pearly Gates. When Saint Peter orders him to hell, the quick-witted Tempest refuses to go. A technical loophole forces heaven to send Tempest back to Earth with an angel in tow to keep him out of trouble. The resulting battle of wills takes an intriguing look at good versus evil and what it means to be human.

Walter Mosley: The Fall of Heaven. Samuel French, ISBN: 9780573601057 (February, 2011), 105 p., $8.95.


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