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The Marshal's Own Case

Magdalen Nabb: The Marshal's Own Case (USA 2008)

From the Publisher:
For the first time, Marshal Guarnaccia is assigned to be lead on a murder investigation. When the dismembered body of a beautiful woman turns out to be that of a transsexual prostitute, the marshal must leave his snug home near the Pitti Palace for the shadowy underworld of Florence's sex trade. Another transsexual is then arrested for the murder, but the marshal is convinced the Carabinieri have made a mistake. Can he find proof before the man he believes to be innocent is confined to life in prison?

Magdalen Nabb: The Marshal's Own Case. A Marshal Guarnaccia Investigation. Soho Press, ISBN: 9781569477670 (September, 2008), 218 p., $13.00.






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