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Ridley Pearson: Blood of the Albatross

Blood of the Albatross From the Publisher:
Ridley Pearson's first novel, Never Look Back, was hailed by the critics as "a masterful debut, ... an adroitly crafted thriller, ... a break-neck action first novel," and more. The Los Angeles Times called him "a hot new thriller writer," and UPI said "one hopes Pearson will publish again and again." With his second novel, Blood of the Albatross, Pearson fulfills his promise and joins the ranks of America's top thriller writers.

It starts out so simply for Jay Becker - he's just an overworked, underpaid musician trying to earn some extra cash by giving sailing lessons on Puget Sound. But he is drawn into a whirlwind of events and characters that will change his life - and perhaps the future of his country - forever.

It begins when he meets the exotic, mysterious Marlene - a beauty with a dark secret who wants to hire Jay for what appears to be a simple sailing expedition. But once involved, he becomes a link in a deadly chain of events - manipulated by an international network of spies that will stop at nothing to get at the sensitive military secrets they want.

Blood of the Albatross is a supercharged novel of espionage and romance that puts one young, innocent man in the middle of a kaleidoscope of spy, counterspy; cross, double-cross - with the lives of himself, the woman he loves, and his best friend hanging in the balance. Like the best of Ludlum and Follett, Ridley Pearson will keep you fiercely turning pages as Jay fights to keep himself alive, to save the lives of the people he loves, and to protect the security of his country.

Ridley Pearson: Blood of the Albatross. St. Martin's Press, ISBN: 0312951833 (March, 1987), 320 p., $6.99



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