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Ridley Pearson: Parallel Lies

Parallel Lies From the Publisher:
Every six or eight weeks, another train derailment. Images fill our TV sets and cover the front pages. "Driver error," "mechanical failure," "a failed signal" - the rail company provides the reasons behind the accidents. But they are hiding the truth.

Umberto Alvarez, a suspected terrorist, blames Northern Union Railroad for the crossing guard collision that killed his wife and twins two years earlier. He believes he and his family are the victims of a massive cover-up. The truth is nothing but a publicity stunt.

Peter Tyler is an ex-cop looking to redeem himself after being suspended from the force for an assault that was taken out of context. Now a "temp" investigator for the National Transportation Safety Board, Tyler sees an opportunity to jump-start his career. The truth of what happened that night will never be known, but a woman who steps out of a snowstorm and into his life may just hold the key to unlocking the past and allowing Tyler to move on.

Ridley Pearson: Parallel Lies. Hyperion Books, ISBN: 0786889616 (July, 2002), 384 p., $7.99



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