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Ridley Pearson: Hard Fall

Hard Fall From the Publisher:
First there was Lockerbie. Then Eurotour's Flight 1023. Now the bomber is ready to strike again! The bombing of Eurotours flight 1023 was big news. To FBI agent Cam Daggett it was more than that. It was personal. His parents and son were on that plane. And for two years he's been after the killer who did it. All he has is a name: Anthony Kort... and the knowledge that Kort is in the United States with a detonator no airport security can detect.

Cam's colleagues at the Bureau and his girlfriend tell him to get behind a desk, to leave the investigation to other agents. But Cam has painstakingly built a portrait of the terrorist, and he alone has a snowball's chance in hell of predicting Kort's next target. Except hell is a much kinder, gentler place than where Cam's headed - into Kort's depraved world of madness and revenge.

Ridley Pearson: Hard Fall. Hyperion Books, ISBN: 078689007X (June, 2001), 416 p., $6.99



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