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Wendell McCall: Aim for the Heart

Aim for the Heart From the Publisher:
Chris Klick, a guy who traces missing musicians to give himself a trace of the good life, has kicked back to relax over a bird-watching, fly-fishing Idaho summer. Klick's buddy Lyel, a former pro basketball player, could get by clipping coupons. But he's a sucker for a story, and Klick's a sucker for a woman in distress. Together they succumb to Candy McGreggor and agree to find her missing sister, Roberta.

Roberta, an employee at the Butte Peak County Courthouse, seems to have triggered a string of disasters that began with a recent plane wreck and a dead pilot. Has she she just been unlucky, or has she been a player in some deadly game? And, it must be asked, has she gone off voluntarily, is she outrunning her creditors, or has she been abducted? If so, what's the payoff going to be?

Aim for the Heart is the second Chris Klick detection, following Dead Aim (1988, reprinted by Poisoned Pen Press). Klick and Lyel move to undercover work at Oxford University in Concerto in Dead Flat (Poisoned Pen Press, 1999).

Wendell McCall: Aim for the Heart. A Chris Klick Mystery. Poisoned Pen Press, ISBN: 189020823X (October, 1999), 160 p., $14.95



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