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Wendell McCall: Concerto in Dead Flat

Concerto in Dead Flat From the Publisher:
Chris Klick, whose gig is to restore uncollected royalties to musicians for a percentage, comes to Paris on the trail of a famous conductor. The payoff due is large, but the man is elusive - he's begun an affair with a student cellist, and cleaned out his marital bank account. His wife is displeased, and feeling vengeful. So the maestro hides, and apparently at Oxford.

To flush him out, Klick goes undercover at venerable Wadham College as the visiting Raymond Chandler/Fulbright Fellow, there to research and write a mystery. His entre' lies in a missing don whose absence alarms at least some of his colleagues. But the Warden seems oddly blase'. And what about the case of college port that's missing? Even more puzzling are rumors of a lost Mozart manuscript restored...

While keeping up with own true love Nicole eludes him, Klick and his former-basketball-star buddy Lyel have successfully teamed before in Dead Aim and Aim for the Heart to score up the missing. The hoops may be different, but if they can win in Idaho, why not in England?

Wendell McCall: Concerto in Dead Flat. A Chris Klick Mystery. Poisoned Pen Press, ISBN: 1890208523 (July, 2000), $12.95



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