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Anne Perry (ed.): Thou Shalt Not Kill

Thou Shalt Not Kill From the Publisher:
The greatest story ever told; the rise and fall of civilizations, empires, kings, despots, prophets and disciples; tales of love, betrayal, revenge, war, and disaster, the most fundamental and eternal myths and fables of Judeo-Christian society; the end of the world -the Bible has all of these. And now acclaimed mystery author Anne Perry has culled together an extraordinary list of writers -- from Sharyn McCrumb, Carole Nelson Douglas, Robert Barnard, Marcia Talley, Susan Moody and Peter Lovesey to Sharan Newman, Nancy Pickard, Reginald Hill, Gillian Linscott, Simon Brett, and Peter Robinson -- to contribute all new mystery and crime stories inspired by and based on these most ancient of biblical tales.

From Sampson and Delilah to David and Goliath; from Mount Sinai to the Last Supper, Thou Shalt Not Kill explores the stories of the bible as chilling expressions of the most basic instincts found in the Good Book. With fifteen unique and inspired twists on the traditional mystery story, Thou Shalt Not Kill is an inimitable edition to any library.

Anne Perry (ed.): Thou Shalt Not Kill. Biblical Mystery Stories. Carroll & Graf, ISBN: 0786715758 (November, 2005), 299 p., $15.95



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