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John Maddox Roberts: Hannibal's Children

Hannibal's Children From the Publisher:
215 B.C. The Third Punic War has left Rome defeated and in ruins. Under the leadership of the legendary Hannibal, the troops of Carthage are prepared to slaughter their enemies to a man. But Hannibal gives them a chance: exile or extermination. And so, the Romans will vacate their native land, carrying what they can, heading north of the Alps to Noricum. Any man who sets foot in Roman territory again will be killed on sight. Hannibal thinks he has brought peace with honor. But he has made a grave miscalculation.

100 B.C. For one hundred and fifty years, the Romans in exile have channeled the rage of defeat into the pursuit of perfect military discipline. Now a small but resourceful army has been strengthened - by time, by training, and by unexpected military applications of the brilliant innovations of Archimedes the Greek - into a ferocious war machine. From the rich Carthaginian colonies in Egypt, to the walled shores of Carthage itself, they have one eye on revenge and the other on conquest. In the ultimate battle for supremacy, Rome will never be found second best.

John Maddox Roberts: Hannibal's Children. A Novel of Alternate History. Ace Books, ISBN: 0441010385 (March, 2003), 368 p., $6.99.


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