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John Maddox Roberts: Conan the Rogue

Conan the Rogue From the Publisher:
Everyone in the corrupt city of Sicals wants the priceless treasure Conan of Cimmeria has come there to find. Beautiful women who offer smiles, kisses - and manybe a knife in the back. A priest who may be closer to his goddess than he thinks. Noble lords, and the bosses of criminal gangs, and a fop whose perfumed kerchief may hide poison. All are willing to kill for the artifact, but none realize the horror it can unleash, a hellish menace that only one man can face... Conan The Rogue

John Maddox Roberts: Conan the Rogue. Tom Doherty, ISBN: 0812521412 (July, 1992), 304 p., $5.99.


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