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Walter Satterthwait: Masquerade

Masquerade From the Publisher:
In the sequel to Escapade, it's 1923, and it's Paris. The city has become a mecca for the world's painters and writers, and the Lost Generation is just beginning to find itself. Phil Beaumont, the resourceful Pinkerton, and Jane Turner, now a Pinkerton 'op' undercover as a governess, are investigating the death of Richard Forsythe, a rich American publisher. The Paris police say it was a suicide pact - Forsythe and his German mistress, Sabine, were found dead in a locked room - but they're not revealing everything they know. In their search for the truth, Phil and Jane move from saloon to salon, from the sewers and catacombs of the city to elegant cafes and night spots. Along the way, they meet local expatriate luminaries like Ernest Hemingway and Gertrude Stein, as well as a young Englishwoman who writes mystery novels and a stolid, pipe-smoking French police inspector who knows a great recipe for coq au vin. Their own relationship grows stronger, but they find it, and themselves, in peril as they learn more about the mysterious Forsythe and the even more mysterious Sabine. Dark forces are aligned against them, enemies are closing in from all sides, and it looks as though they may never leave the City of Lights alive.

Walter Satterthwait: Masquerade. St. Martin's; ISBN: 0312969899; (May 1999), 336 p., $5.99.


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