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Laurence Shames: Virgin Heat

Virgin Heat From the Publisher:
For ten years now, Angelina Amaro has kept a secret so deep, so personal, that she couldn't share it with anyone, not even her closest relative. She is in love. In love with the man who betrayed her father, Mafia capo Paul Amaro, and sent him away to prison. All these years she has pined for Sal Martucci, knowing that the intense - though chaste - love they shared would, someday, bring him back to her. But Sal is now Ziggy Maxx, living with a new name and a new face, dodging cameras and cops, tending bar and running scams in Key West. He hasn't thought about Angelina for years (she never even put out, after all), but he sure has thought about her father: a man who wants nothing more than to see Ziggy dead. And has the power to get it done. But fate always intervenes where true love is involved, and when Angelina sees a pair of hands mixing a drink in a relative's Florida vacation video, she recognizes something that only the obsessed and lovesick ever could. So she packs her bags and heads to Mile Marker One - knowing that somehow, she would find her Sal. While there, she pals up with a young gay man who has his own romantic dreams of what he might find in the sun. But what Angelina doesn't realize is that her father is on to her whereabouts; and Sal's sleazy cronies are on to the value having a capo's daughter in their midst.

Laurence Shames: Virgin Heat. Hyperion, ISBN: 0786889276 (February, 1998), 384 p., $5.99.


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