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Julie Smith: Louisiana Hotshot

Louisiana Hotshot From the Publisher:
Talba Wallis, aspiring PI, isn't even hired before she gets a case - a 14-year-old won't say who her adult seducer is; the girl's mom wants him found and fried. Piece-a-cake, thinks Talba. But she's about to learn more about the rap recording scene - and what happens to girls who get too close - than she's gonna find healthy. Another problem: she's young, black, female, and smart; her boss, Eddie Valentino is racist, sexist, and ageist. What-the-heck, she loves him anyway.

The New Orleans Times-Picayune said: "Teaming these two opposites is Julie Smith's stroke of genius. LOUISIANA HOTSHOT is fresh, fast, and touching - a wonderful addition to the Crescent City mystery canon."

Julie Smith: Louisiana Hotshot. Forge, ISBN: 0765342928 (July, 2002), 344 p., $6.99



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