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Peter Tremayne: Hemlock at Vespers

Hemlock at Vespers From the Publisher:
Sister Fidelma made her debut in short story form. The red-haired, sharp-witted and wise religieuse captured the hearts of many readers as she successfully tackled baffling crimes in her other role as dálaigh (advocate) of the law courts of Ireland, using the ancient Brehon Law system. It was the overwhelming response to these stories which launched Fidelma as the heroine of a bestselling series of Celtic crime novels, set during the mid-seventh century AD. But it also created a demand for further short stories. This is the first collection of these stories ever to be published and is guaranteed to entertain and intrigue - an anthology that no lover of Celtic culture or historical crime should be without.

Peter Tremayne: Hemlock at Vespers. A Collection of Sister Fidelma Mysteries. Headline, ISBN: 0747264325 (November, 2000), 479 p., £6.99.



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