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One of Us Is Wrong

Donald Westlake writing as Samuel Holt: One of Us Is Wrong (USA 2006)

From the Publisher:
Actor Sam Holt has packed in Packard, the TV detective he played for several years to much acclaim and money. But success has had its downside: Holt is so closely identified with Packard that he can't get hired to play anyone else. Suddenly, though, someone seems to have a new part for Holt: the role of Dead Body.

Years of having watched stuntdrivers do their stuff help Holt avoid becoming a greasespot on the San Diego Freeway, but his Volvo will never play the violin again. And if Holt can't fi gure out where the screenwriters are going with this one, he's not going to get a chance for a second take.

When the "Holt" books first came out, in the mid-80s, critics raved about this "new" author's wit and style, not realizing that "Holt" was a pseudonym for one of the wittiest -- and savviest -- pros in the business, Donald Westlake.

Donald Westlake writing as Samuel Holt: One of Us Is Wrong. The 1st Sam Holt Mystery. Felony & Mayhem, ISBN: 1933397403 (June, 2006), 254 p., $14.95.






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