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Put a Lid on it

Donad E. Westlake: Put a Lid on it (2003)

From the Publisher:
Donald E. Westlake can make us laugh, make us scared, or make us horrified. In his new novel, this master storyteller does it all at once-in a tale of powerful politics, petty thievery, and the biggest crooks of all...

Shhh! Don't tell anyone that Francis ("Never call me Frank") Meehan is slipping out of jail. And whatever you do, don't tell anyone that the people who are letting him out are bigger crooks than Francis ever was. The deal is: Francis gets out of prison if he'll pull off one very special heist-of an incriminating videotape that could cost the President of the United States his re-election, and maybe even his freedom. Francis can't see how this robbery would be a problem. Then again, he's about to meet a whole new breed of conspirators: the kind that live in Washington, don't know how to keep a secret, and could get an honest crook killed...

Donad E. Westlake: Put a Lid on it. Warner Books, ISBN: 0446612057 (March, 2003), 304 p., $7.50






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