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Thieves' Dozen

Donad E. Westlake: Thieves' Dozen (2004)

From the Publisher:
Horse Laugh: Dortmunder always avoids thefts that involve four-legged creatures. Then why is he somewhere out in New Jersey, listening to sirens wailing in the distance, holding on for dear life to a runaway racehorse's rear end?

Too Many Crooks: Dortmunder plans for everything. But when he started digging a tunnel under a bank, the one thing he didn't think of was coming out a hero... Party Animal: Desperate? On the run? Chased by the police with a handful of loot? For every emergency, Dortmunder has an answer. This time it's slipping into a party and helping a comely caterer serve anchovy logs-until the cops come in...

Now What?: There's a guy riding the New York subway with a ham sandwich in a paper bag. The guy's name is Dortmunder and the sandwich has a $300,000 brooch inside. It all started at a celebrity wedding party in Manhattan...

Art and Craft: Nothing good had ever come from dealing with a crook named Three Finger Gillie. Now that Gillie has turned into a downtown artist, it's even worse. He wants Dortmunder to steal his own paintings-and Dortmunder just knows that something's wrong...

On a literary landscape filled with cunning criminal masterminds, Donald E. Westlake's John Dortmunder is in a league of his own. With no scam too outrageous to contemplate, and no plan too simple to go wrong, this quirky career thief has stolen everything from money buried under a reservoir to a bank-the whole bank. Now the ultimate repeat offender returns in a first-time collection of short stories that prove that just like bagels and donuts, with Dortmunder it's always better by the dozen... THIEVES' DOZEN

Donad E. Westlake: Thieves' Dozen. Mysterious Press, ISBN: 0446693022 (April, 2004), 183 p., $12.95






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