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Charles Willeford: The Way We Die Now

The Way We Die Now From the Publisher:
Hoke Moseley is getting into cold cases - no clues, no leads - and that's fine by him. He's wanted to close the book on that Miami M.D. murder for three years. But his boss has something a little hotter in mind but he is keeping it quiet telling Hoke to just let his beard grow and sit tight. Stripped of his wallet, gun... even his false teeth, Hoke is sent south to the migrant farms where rumours of slavery and sudden death prove all too true. And now things really are heating up because a guy without protection in that no-man's land is as good as dead.

Charles Willeford: The Way We Die Now. No Exit Press, ISBN: 1842430122 (November, 2001), 217 p., £7.99



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