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Devil's Heaven

Thomas Adcock: Devil's Heaven (1996)

From the Publisher:
Neil Hockaday, New York City police detective, shamrock Catholic, and veteran philosophizer, returns from him troubling pilgrimage to his ancestral home with one new bride, many old ghosts, and a terrible thirst. Only the rough grace of Davy Mogaill, his former Captain and reformed drinking partner, saves Hock from drowning at the bar of Angelo's Ebb Tide. Now, off the bottle and back on his feet, Hock's looking at an indefinite furlough from the force - while his beloved Ruby Flagg prepares to resume her Madison Avenue career, and walk the man she loves back from the edge. But Ruby's first day on the job unexpectedly plunges Hock back into his own working world, to do what he does best - solve the city's ugliest crimes...

Thomas Adcock: Devil's Heaven. Pocket Books, ISBN: 0671770438 (March, 1996), 288 p., $5.99.










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