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The Dark Frontier

Eric Ambler: The Dark Frontier (USA 2012)

From the Publisher:
The Dark Frontier launched Eric Ambler's five-decade career as one of the most influential thriller writers of our time.
England, 1935. Physicist Henry Barstow is on holiday when he meets the mysterious Simon Groom, a representative for an armaments manufacturer. Groom invites the professor to Ixania, a small nation-state in Eastern Europe whose growing weapons program threatens to destabilize the region. Only after suffering a blow to the head -- which muddles his brain into believing he is Conway Carruthers, international spy -- does the mild-mannered physicist agree to visit Ixania. But he quickly recognizes that Groom has a more sinister agenda, and Carruthers is the only man who can stop him.

Eric Ambler: The Dark Frontier. Vintage Crime / Black Lizard, ISBN: 9780345802651 (December, 2012), 258 p., $15.00, eBook $11.99.






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