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Eric Ambler: Skytip (UK 2010)

From the Publisher:
Peter Ackland is ordered to rest by his Doctor. He travels to Cornwall and is greeted by Henry Braddock at the door of a cottage below the 'skytip'. Braddock has a revolver in his pocket. Ackland also comes across Nathan Murrison and his valet, who divide their time between exploring the 'skytip' and propping up the bar of the Green Dragon; a charming young lady who, on behalf of a Member of Parliament, tries her hand at burglary; other less charming characters who try their hand at blackmail; and a stage that is all set for murder.

Eric Ambler: Skytip. House of Stratus, ISBN: 9780755123797 (September, 2010), 190 p., £8.99, eBook £5.99.






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